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My uses of the Internet

The most important thing I use of the Internet for is to shop for savings that can get at a regular store. Also, its a lot convenient for to use web sites since I don't have a car available to me. Next, I use it to get a majority of my information about almost anything. The information I look for is from media (such as music, video, and other media I think of at the moment) and news. I know news is a part of the media but I separate this from tabloids and gossip new. The news I look for is: national and world politics, cultures, and stuff like that.

What would happen if there was no Internet

If the Internet was taken away, it would a lot harder all the things. I really depend on the world wide web part of the Internet to function. There are thing that buy from web sites that I couldn't get at any store never where I live. In terms of news information, I would be forced to rely on very few resources for the information for free. I wouldn't be able to preview music or movies I might be interested in buying or renting. Overall, with no Internet, I be spending more money for things could or could not get.